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Since 1994 the scientific industrial union Garant has dealt with fumigational, and disinfectional activities at different kinds of enterprises and in agriculture as well. According to rich experience and highly skilled specialists, working out and introduction of advanced and highly effective technologies in pest fighting, excellent scientific potential cooperation with country leading scientific centers and well known producers of disinfectional means and equipment the company was the first which took the license for fumigational and disinfectional activities in many regions of the country in 1997. Since 1999 it has the right to produce and pre pack disinfectional means. At the same time Garant has become one of the leading Russian enterprises, which works out and produces modern certificated means against home pests.

Garant today

Nowadays Garant has the license to work in many Russian regions and goes on broadening its regional net. It presents the clients a high quality work of individual technologies according to productive peculiarities of the object at a convenient time and observing all government norms, rules and documents regulated desinfectional activity. The specialists had a course specialization at. Moscow Medical Academy after Sechenov, at Scientific research Disifection Institute, at Samara State Medical University. They constantly do the monitoring of the treated objects, control the quality of all activities and consult the clients about hygienic and sanitary problems all the executors of the work have a professional training at Garant enterprise and at Medical University. In the scientific research center they work at studying and overcoming insect and Rodent steadiness, control the working preparations and develop new technologies. The work with only allowed and recommended by the Ministry of Public Health preparations of own producing and of such known companies as FMC(USA), Bayer(Germany), Aventis(France), Basf(Germany) and Rat(Russia) garanties safety and efficiency of disinfectional activities.

Producing and control of disinfectional means

In 1999, one of the first in Russia took a license to produce disinfectional means - which proves its high professional skill and reliability. For the period of 2 years the enterprise presented grain baits for rodents Rodialon and Rodefacum and also Absolut insecticide powder, Absolut gel and Absolut bait for cockroaches, Absolut gel for ants for home and professional use. In 2002 there appeared some new preparations in its assortment: Absolut chalk for high spectrum of various insects (cockroaches, ants, flies, bed bugs, fleas and so on) and Legion gel its base has 2 active compounds with different mechanism of working and thanks to it Legion gel has no analogues in Russia. All preparations have a certificate of state registration, a certificate of the accordance, methodical instructions of the Russian Ministry of Public health, meet all the requirements for modern disinfectional means and have a good reputation among its clients. The products of Garant were highly appreciated by the specialist at Moscow International Contest The best product of house hold chemical goods, means of hygiene and cosmetics which was held on March, 2002 within the International Exhibition Bitkhimexpo 2002 and won diplomas and medals of various values.

The own laboratory carries out a constant control of all the preparations and own products as well including testing of quality and correspondence of all used ingredients, controlling the observance of the technology of preparation, pre packing and packing, chemical parameters of ready products, biological control of attractiveness and efficiency of industrial and experimental examples of the produced output.

A large distributive net, whole sale and re tail trade by own preparations and disinfectional means of the leading Russian and foreign producers, a considered system of rebates, different ways of delivery all (these) allows its products to be at a high level of popularity among professionals and common consumers all over the country. Own productions of disinfectional means let Garant to offer the clients the excellent le6el of service for moderate pric!s.


Medical fumigation

Garant offers a large spectrum of fumigations activities which meet all the requirements of quality and safety. Using the most modern technologies in arthroda fighting and the newest preparations guarantee the most effective result at any object and out of doors. Garant uses individually selected methods for every client including products with various mechanism of action and gel preparations. It gives Garant a chance to fight successfully with very steady populations of insects. In order to provide a maximum of comfort to its clients Garant presents a service guaranteed for the period from 1 month to 3 years.

Agricultural fumigation

Garant specialists have a complex of highly effective methods for grain safe keeping at all stages of its keeping and processing. In proper time treatment of vacant and working mills, grain elevators, granaries of uninfected and spoiled grain and cereal and also deliverance of the neighbour territory from grain pests and weeds let to avoid losing of 25 30% of harvest. Constant consultations at All Russian Grain Institute give opportunity to apply efficiently new long term technologies in agricultural fumigation.

Medical rodent destruction

Garant specialists do both once only treatment and constant service concerning destruction of harmful rodents. A complex method is worked out by its specialists and a number of new technological approaches in rodent fighting was applied in practice. A very careful and a preliminary inspection of the object gives a chance to choose the most effective and safe way of rodent destruction. The use of the best and the newest preparations and specially selected and attractive for rodents baits let to fulfil all the work quickly and effectively.

Systematic monitoring of the object during a service period allows to do preventive arrangements concerning the further appearance of rodents.

Medical disinfection

It is a sort of disinfectional activity at any object which revents the dewelopment of pathogens of many infections diseases and food poisoning. Garant uses contemporary preparations of Russian and foreign production which have a broad spectrum of antibacterial effect, have no irritating and allergic influence on a person and harmless for treated surfaces and things. Such treatments prevent people infection by many diseases among them intestinal ones and respiratory infections.

Gasation (fumigation)

It is control of grain and cereal pests at all stages of their development and also with harmful rodents in store houses of any kind which can be hermetically sealed (silo, ware houses, containers and so on) using up to date foreign preparations without environmental pollution and with 100% effect.

Combating home fungus and moult in lodgings

It is a complex of measures of treatment of any types of lodgings from surface pests using harmless methods and preparations which protect employees of clients enterprises from allergic influence and unspecific respiratory infections.

Production( Output )

- insecticide preparation worked out by leading Russian scientists and successfully tested in practice. At present time Absolut-gel is the most effective preparation in correlation of price-and-quality among other Russian and foreign disinfectional means. Absolut-gel is limpid and does not leave any spots on the surface. In contrast to preparations for wet treatment Absolut-gel is rather small toxic , non-volatile and economical.
The main principle of its action is an epidemic : food bait is eaten by cockroaches and goes right to their bowels , so the active substance is fully assimilated and is very toxic. Dead cockroaches and their excrements which contain enough poison to kill other insects are eaten by family cockroaches which also die. This process goes on and on for some times and as the result all the population of cockroaches are destroyed in any lodgings. One Absolut-gel drop 0.06 gr. by weight can kill up to 500 insects.
Absolut-gel pro
It is a professional insecticide preparation, an improved version of Absolut-gel. The active substance in it is chlorine-periphos. It has a hightened attractiveness which provide the interest of even full insects from 1 metre distance. Absolut-gel can be used at any places : food and child institutions, hospitals,at transport and for treatment of complicated domestic instruments and equipment.Absolut-gel treatment does not demand using any special equipment,means of individual protection of people, preparation and cleaning of the rooms. Packing: a syringe of 20,150 ml.; a bucket of 1 and 3 kg.
Absolut-bait (powder) for ants destruction.
It is an insecticide powder against home and garden ants. A quick and effective action of the powder is caused by a high attractiveness and super-effective formula of the bait. A comfortable and safe using of Absolut-bait is provided through a special plastic packing which exclude the contact with the contents and penetrating of dust and wet during the keeping as well.
Absolutinsecticide powder ( deltametrin 0.02 % ,phention 0.25 % )
- effective and cheap, double insecticide against cockroaches, home and garden ants,flies,bugs and fleas
- quick result and low norms of use
- absence of dust,unpleasant smell and respiratory irritation
- not exfoliate and lies well on a surface,provide a long-term residual action up to 3 months.
    Absolut-gel against ants
    -chlorine-periphos 0.6%
    -highly effective preparation against home and garden ants with a special complex of attractive substances and fruit smell
    -a principle of action is based on biological and behaviour specifities of ants,gives a complete result in 10-14 days
    -safe for children and domestic animals
    -low norms of use and long term action
    a complex for cockroaches destruction and protection .It aims at effective destruction of insects and their further generation .The peculiarity of its form (plastic disks ) is a comfortable and safe using of Absolut-bait and also has a long-term protection effect .The preparation has no smell, does not educe a harmful exhalation, does not spoil a presentable appearance of rooms .Absolut-bait hits insects which are insensitive to traditional preparations and at the same time it is a preventive mean excluding the appearance of cockroaches-scouts.
    Rodialon and Rodefacum
    They are high quality cereal baits ready for use .They are used for rodent destruction in sanitary ,agriculture,veterinary,in-doors,in kitchen-gardens,in inhabited and uninhabited lodging .The important advantage of the baits is the fact that a lethal dose of the active substance is ensured by a single eating of the bait.Death is postponed for 1 or 2 weeks and rodents do not understand the connection between the eating of the bait and the death.There is a complex of attractive additions in the baits which makes them much pleasant to eat.
    Packing : 0.04; 0.1 ;1 kg. (parcels in a box or a craft-bag )
    It is the newest preparation meets all modern requirements.It contains 2 active substances (deltametrin and diphlubenzuron) and has a principally new way of working.Besides a sharp action (quick destruction of cockroaches in 1-3 days ). Legion-gel causes a destruction in insect texture and their physical development which leads to the lack of vital capacity (during 3-4 weeks).It allows to combat resistant to other preparations insects with quaranted effectiveness.
    Legion-gel is simple and safe in using in any lodgings,untoxical for people and domestic animals,ecologically safe,has low norms of expense and a long-term action up to 6 months before new cockroaches appear again.
    0.25 % concentrated product.It is a highly effective and reliable rodenticide of the second generation ,the most used in rodent destruction group of preparations for making poisoned baits against any kind of rodents.The preparation provides a good eating of baits without the earliest feeding up.The death comes on the 5-15-th day after a single eating of the bait which contains a component of Bromadiolon. Low toxic to other kinds of animals,economical (0.005 % ) and a high effectiveness at the end make Bromadiolon one of the best means for destructive and preventive activities in rodent destruction.

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